Amadan makes playful, engaging physical theatre using Clown & Bouffon. Husband & wife team, Jude Quinn & Gemma Mae Halligan set up the company in 2013, having both worked as actors for over 10 years. With our Clowns we want to bring joy & entertainment & with our Bouffons we intend to provoke and excite. 

Dragoș Mușat is a professional artist, musician and graphic designer originally from Romania. He composes digital and acoustic soundscapes, sampling everyday found sounds, guitar playing, traditional Romanian folk music. His digital animations feature a playful fusion between anatomy and sacred geometry.


Chris studied Technical Theatre at RADA. He has worked in the industry for eighteen years. He is a Lighting Designer, Production Electrician and Programmer working for the Theatre and Live Events industry.

Chris is also a Senior Lecturer in Lighting and Digital Production at Bath Spa University - teaching on the Theatre, Festival and Events Production course.

When it comes to performing shows virtually in these unprecedented times and beyond - what can we do?

Chris is interested in Virtual Performance, also showing a combination of Set, Lighting and Video designs to immerse an audience and allow for a more inclusive experience.


Nathan is Head of Production for Walk the Plank. In addition to his production management role he’s also been the producer and director for a number of shows including several collaborations with Zest Theatre to create performances involving complex structures built on land and water, pyrotechnics and special effects.

Nathan has been involved in anti-war, environmental, and social justice campaigns for over 25 years.

In the 1990s he was co-founder of activist tech organisation, providing secure internet services to campaigners both in the UK and internationally.

Nathan was co-founder and creative producer of Rebel Soul at Shambala Festival’s (2004-2014).


Kate Steenhauer is a visual artist whose practice explores the dynamic and interactive capacity of drawing in dialogue with other artforms, technology, and their relationship with its audience. This moves visual art as a traditionally static experience into a dynamic interactive artform that is temporal, transient, and transformational. Multi-disciplinary collaborations include dance, opera, music, sound, multi-voiced verbatim and Artificial Intelligence. These productions can be viewed through the mediums of theatre, film, (live) audio-visual installation and artwork; and offer a unique multifaceted experience.


Maria Sappho (improviser, pianist, and researcher) works with verbatim collaborative storytelling with strong perspectives on nature, mythology, feminism, and community. She is a current PhD Candidate at Huddersfield University, on the European Research Council project IRiMaS (Interactive Research in Music as Sound). Her current work is in collecting and engaging with artistic practices now moved online during the covid-19 pandemic. She is the co-editor of the discursive political magazine the-MASS and the curator for the international Noisebringers improvisation series. She has worked numerous ensembles including the BBC Scottish symphony orchestra, the Australian Art Orchestra, the Instant Composers Pool, and is a current member of the Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra.


Julie Lebel is a choreographer invested in community engaged dance and in interactions between public space and community in a multi-disciplinary context, with a body of work spanning 20 years. In the last 10 years, her focus is about creating with and for the very young and their adults.

Caroline Liffmann is a Vancouver-based contemporary performance maker, choreographer and improviser. Her work is influenced by over 20 years of dance practice, as well as training in facilitation and trauma-informed practice.


Pif-Paf are a visual and physical theatre company based in Sheffield UK making small to mid-scale work for outdoors festivals and events. Our work is based on the collaboration between Pete Gunson trained in engineering & making, Eleanor Hooper trained in fine arts, circus and theatre and our many associate and collaborative artists and makers. Our work tours year-round and includes interactive submarine rides, digital sound and light work and fighting giant slugs.

Our work is always free to audience and we pride ourselves on the breadth and saponaceousness of these folk.

Pif-Paf will be collaborating with Nick Sparks on this project.


Stephanie Back is a profoundly Deaf actress, theatre maker and workshop leader; her first language is British Sign Language. She is the lead facilitator in Wales’s only youth theatre for D/deaf/hoh young people and runs Deaf Awareness training sector wide. Since graduating from the University of Reading in 2016 with a first class degree in Theatre Arts, Education and Deaf Studies, Stephanie has performed for many theatre companies including: Taking Flight Theatre Company, Handprint Theatre, Mousetrap Theatre, National Theatre Wales, Illumine Theatre, Screenology and PAD productions.
This residency is made possible by support from Creative Scotland. Thanks to Taking Flight and the Arts Council of Wales, this residency will be BSL interpreted and captioned.
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