Barra Collins and Pete Gunson explore how to make uncancellable live performance in 2021. Over the course of the hour, they discuss digital platforms, open-source technologies, and affordable technical gubbins that you can explore to start creating live performance online, offline and somewhere in between. They also speak about how working between in and outdoors holds exciting possibilities for artists who want to continue to create live performance or artistic interventions in the real world. Safely and socially distanced, of course. 

This event is part of a collaborative project by Neverthere and Bath Spa Productions - a programme of skills workshops, conversations and events for early career creatives and established artists looking to develop their practice. These sessions are designed to support engagement with digital platforms and immersive technologies, and to connect the wider artistic, business and academic community. Neverthere and Bath Spa Productions are working closely together with the shared purpose of stimulating partnerships and encouraging dialogue and knowledge exchange to enable a creative, innovative and artistic digital performance landscape.

Barra Collins
Barra Collins is the Artistic Director of LAStheatre and Neverthere. LAStheatre create ambitious, heart driven stories for people of all ages – these shows often take place outdoors or in non-traditional spaces. Their work often tackles important and complex ideas in surprising, joyous, and participatory ways. Neverthere was founded in response to COVID-19 and the Climate and Ecological Emergency. Neverthere support artists to explore how their practice can meaningfully be expressed through digital art and/or art delivered digitally.

Pete Gunson
Pete Gunson is the Co-Artistic Director of Pif Paf and the figure behind Shedonism. Pif-Paf is a wildly ambitious theatre company creating top notch performance and sculpture and taking it to the places it doesn’t normally reach. Their work is presented outdoors and in non-traditional spaces and they are keenly involved in the development of outdoor arts. Shedonism is an annual event for the makers of inventions, instruments, structures, gadgets, sculptures, and ideas for outdoor arts companies.
Neverthere emerged in response to the COVID-19 health crisis and is working in three directions: hosting conversations about the future of making live performance, organising digital workshops and residencies, showcasing exemplary digital projects and providing opportunities for artists to scratch and share new work.
Bath Spa Productions is the production house for Bath School of Music and Performing Arts, Bath Spa University. Through a range of events, projects and Cultural Partnerships Bath Spa Productions is dedicated to profile and enhance the experience of the artistic, technical and managerial students and graduates across it’s School and the courses that develop their talent at Bath Spa University, the university of choice for creativity. 

Bath Spa Productions are the producers of SparkFest, Bath’s largest annual festival of Dance, Music and Performance, launching in May this 4 weeks festivals present artistic work in both Live and Digital formats. For further information or to connect with Bath Spa Productions contact Kerry on


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