As restrictions continue, we explore what makers of live performance might learn from Public Art as we look for new ways to tell stories and connect with audiences. This session explores the impact of Public Art and how the creative and production skills of the sector can be harnessed in creating work of this kind. This session is led by Luke Jerram and Dave Charlesworth.

This event is part of a collaborative project by Neverthere and Bath Spa Productions - a programme of skills workshops, conversations and events for early career creatives and established artists looking to develop their practice. These sessions are designed to support engagement with digital platforms and immersive technologies, and to connect the wider artistic, business and academic community. Neverthere and Bath Spa Productions are working closely together with the shared purpose of stimulating partnerships and encouraging dialogue and knowledge exchange to enable a creative, innovative and artistic digital performance landscape.

Luke Jerram
“Probably the most famous artist you’ve never heard of." (Bloomberg TV). 

Jerram's practice involves the creation of sculptures, installations and live arts projects. Many of his most successful artworks leave space, for either the public, curators or other artists to be creative. This Summer, as much of the cultural landscape lay dormant, In Memoriam toured the country - a temporary memorial, comprised of flags made from NHS bedsheets - providing the public with a space to visit and remember all those we have lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile Sky Orchestra, a flotilla of hot air balloons floating above a locked-down Bristol, delivered an uplifting musical and visual experience in surround sound.  

Other projects include: 

Museum of the Moon - experienced by more than 10 million people, it is one of Luke’s most successful arts projects. It has been presented more than 150 times in 30 different countries.

Play Me, I’m Yours - Luke's 2,000 strong global network of street pianos. Play Me I'm Yours has received press coverage in almost every newspaper and television station around the globe.

David Charlesworth
David Charlesworth is an artist and curator, his mixed moving image and performance practice exposes fragmented personal histories and generic social phenomena as avenues to explore experiences of the contemporary British landscape. He has exhibited at Tate Britain, Wysing Art Centre, MK Gallery, David Roberts Art Foundation, Frieze Art Fair, Focal Point Gallery and the Armory Show in New York. David is currently working on series of works related to a world building game he has created called “A hand is dealt”.

David Charlesworth is also the director of KitMapper, a production network for large scale creative projects and one of the directors of South Kiosk, an artist led project space located in the Bussey Building in Peckham. South Kiosk is dedicated to the exhibition and screening of moving image work.

Other time is spent as a visiting lecturer to MA programmes at Camberwell College of Arts and the School of Communications at the Royal College of Art where he supports the curation of student shows and has run the exhibitions programme and the “Design Without” elective.

Photo Credit:
 Sigrid Spinnox
Neverthere emerged in response to the COVID-19 health crisis and is working in three directions: hosting conversations about the future of making live performance, organising digital residencies, and providing opportunities for artists to scratch and share new work.
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